Below are short stories set in the Deathscape universe. While they often have little connection to the main plot, each explores an important or intriguing aspect of the universe through the eyes of its inhabitants.

Shadows: Johnny is a brave boy. Always on the lookout for abandoned houses to explore, his obsession with these places even makes his closest friends uneasy. Now Johnny has learned of a new location not far from his home. Abandoned for years, this old shotgun house is as creepy as any, save for the light in the window that never goes out.

The Night Sea: Three marines, having been discharged from service, find themselves lost at sea. Suffering from hunger, thirst, and radiation sickness, they wait for a rescue that may never come. But they aren’t alone on the open ocean. Something is heading their way, something old and unfathomable, drifting toward them beneath the waves….

The Pride: In the late 1800’s, a British emissary plans a safari to visit a mountain in Gojjam. His goal: to find and hunt a pride of lions rumored to have taken up eating human flesh. However, there is more to this pride than the stories tell, and he will witness first-hand their horrific true nature.